Solid Waste Permitting

For companies involved in solid waste recycling relating to composting, wood mulch production sites, clean hard fill and/or construction and demolition landfills, ENVi can provide a detailed evaluation of operations and facilities to ensure they are operated in accordance with all local and state rules and regulations.

Waste Management

Our extensive understanding of the requirements involved means that we can complete all necessary permit applications for new operations as well as ensure that your current facility/operation is in compliance with all environmental regulations.

When needed, we can apply for any necessary zoning or special use exemptions. As part of our suite of services, we can also prepare the annual and quarterly waste quantity reports as required by the permits.

For new facilities or property expansions, our Phase I ESA can assist with your due diligence, while our permitting/compliance offerings can ensure that the operations won’t be interrupted once begun.

Through our Beneficial Reuse, Waste Management and Recycling service offering, we can also identify, manage and transform cost-draining waste streams into profitable, recurring revenue streams, which will also reduce the amount going into the landfill.

Finally, we can assist in the development of facility closure plans and related cost estimates that comply with current requirements.

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