Industry Specialization Overview

For more than 20 years, industrial and manufacturing clients, commercial real estate attorneys, developers and brokers, and civil engineering firms in northeast Ohio have relied on ENVi to manager their projects’ environmental obligations.

We understand the unique needs, goals and objectives of our specific client categories and successfully address those areas both during due diligence, permitting and compliance periods.

ENVi has a thorough understanding of many different industries/operations relating to the specific environmental permitting and/or compliance obligations. This enables us to complete permit applications thoroughly, accurately and expeditiously to prevent any delays and setbacks, and monitor the project to ensure it stays within compliance.

As an additional service, we can provide beneficial reuse, waste management and recycling assessments, identifying those materials that can add to the revenue stream while satisfying those companies seeking green initiative opportunities.

ENVi 360™ Solution, our proven project management approach, provides high quality service, proactive responsiveness and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of environmental regulations. This ensures that our customers can have peace of mind throughout the entire process. Our local proximity to our Cleveland/northeast Ohio market base means we are available for on-site and in-person meetings.

Services for Industry and Manufacturing
Services for Civil Engineering and Design

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