Civil Engineering and Design

Engineering firms with the absence of Environmental Management personnel often require a partner to aid them in meeting environmental requirements for their projects. ENVi often partners with area civil engineering firms and provided consulting and project management services to ensure their projects and customers are taken care of.

ENVi can provide a level of timeliness, responsiveness and hands-on attention ensuring our clients peace of mind, backed by a high approval rate for projects submitted to regulatory agencies.

Some service offerings ENVi has provided to Engineering firms include:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments – In accordance with ASTM 1527-13 ENVi can conduct a Phase I ESA to satisfy All Appropriate Inquires for commercial property transactions.
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments – Subsurface investigation to assess soil and ground water contamination as well as geology/hydrology characteristics.
  • Site Reviews/Walkovers—A site visit followed by a limited records search, if warranted, to provide a customer a cursory review that identifies current conditions, infrastructure, drainage/wetlands, etc. that could adversely affect planned property uses.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) & NPDES Permitting – ENVi can prepare appropriate NPDES permits and design a SWPPP project in accordance with Construction or Industrial Activity requirements.
  • Waste Management Audits—An evaluation of waste materials for recycling and/or beneficial use, including qualifying end-user markets for recycled materials and maintaining all related records and permit management.
  • Water Quality – Storm water sampling and reporting for NPDES permit requirements.
  • Air Pollution Inventory & Permitting

The result is a seamless, efficient and comprehensive suite of services that addresses environmental issues related to your engineering design projects.

A comprehensive guide to help ensure you find the best fit.

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