Avoiding costly remediation through a creative environmental solution

The owner of commercial property had plans to sell, but because she had acquired the property as part of an inheritance she was unsure of the environmental liabilities. A Phase I ESA provided the customer information about possible existence of underground storage tanks; as such, the customer needed to have this potential environmental liability assessed.

The customer sought estimates from a couple of consulting companies, but preferred to work with ENVi since we were locally based and were recommended by her attorney.


After reviewing Phase I ESA, ENVi conducted a Limited Phase II ESA, using ground-penetrating radar and shallow excavation to locate and inspect the alleged underground storage tanks.


ENVi was able to determine that the small underground storage tanks observed through the ground penetrating radar were “closed in place” and that the current owner is not the ‘responsible party’ for the removal.

With this information, she is in a better position to negotiate the sale of the property due to a better understanding of existing environmental issues and her potential liability. She is now discussing her options with both the current tenant and the prospective buyers of the site.

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