Case Studies

For more than 20 years, ENVi has worked with northeast Ohio commercial real estate attorneys, developers and brokers, and civil engineering and design firms to successfully resolve their environmentally-sensitive projects.

The proficiency and experience of our environmental professionals combined with our comprehensive portfolio of service offerings enables us to address project-related liabilities in an efficient and effective manner.

The following case studies illustrate our expertise and breadth of knowledge in solving the challenges faced by our clients.

Case Study: Beneficial Use Permit for Scrap Tires at Race Track—While the use of automobile scrap tires as a crash barrier is an authorized beneficial use of scrap tires, the quantity of tires used at a subject site exceeded the 1,500 (tire) limit allowed by rule (Ohio EPA). This presented a challenge for a developer looking to purchase the property – a challenge we resolved by securing a Beneficial Reuse permit for the approximately 165,000 automobile scrap tires to remain as a crash barrier. By securing the Beneficial Reuse permit, the developer avoided extraordinary costs for the removal of the tires as well as the need to then invest into a new crash barrier for the entire race track. To that end, the developer commenced with purchasing the property.

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