ENVi 360™ Solution – Our Project Management Approach

From permits to compliance, ENVi can manage it in-house, in a seamless fashion

Our customers rely on us to complete all aspects of their projects from start to finish without any costly delays while providing clear, complete and concise reports and communications. ENVi Seamless™, our project management approach, enables us to provide full transparency and maintain regular communications with our customers, keeping them informed of the progress at each stage of the process.
Landfill operations

Landfill operations

ENVi Seamless is a suite of services that includes all environmentally-related services, from evaluation and/or assessment to abatement or remediation – along with the require permitting and compliance. As needed, our key vendor partnerships enable us to complete all aspects of the project while adhering to applicable regulations.

We recognize that a failure to meet regulatory guidelines can result in additional time, costs and unnecessary follow-up for our customers. Our comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirements combined with our strong industry and regulatory relationships ensures that our services will meet all established criteria. This is further exemplified by the high approval rate for the projects we have submitted to regulatory agencies.

With more than three decades of experience, backed by the 70-year Kurtz brand recognition, ENVi’s complete portfolio of services can meet the needs of complex and multi-faceted projects in a efficient, seamless approach.

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