Commercial Real Estate Attorneys, Developers, Brokers

Northeast Ohio commercial real estate attorneys, developers and brokers have three objectives for their client projects: to reduce or eliminate risks for their clients related to the property purchase, to achieve compliance with the applicable regulatory agencies and to complete projects successfully.

ENVi shares these objectives. Our more than 20 years of experience combined with our portfolio of environmental consulting offerings allows us to work with companies to identify and minimize their clients’ environmental risks. As a Cleveland-area company, we can provide a level of timeliness, responsiveness and hands-on attention to ensure our clients peace of mind.

Our Waste Management/Beneficial Reuse service identifies opportunities for recycling or potential reuse of materials, qualifies end-user markets for recycled materials, and executes the waste management process.

With our deep understanding of and experience with the permit application process, we can complete all the necessary steps to submit permit applications, ensure compliance and maintain necessary recordkeeping. This relieves real estate attorneys, developers and brokers, and their clients, from having to undertake permitting and compliance requirements.

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