The permitting process can be long and arduous, requiring a level of detail and comprehensive research before applications can be submitted. Companies starting or expanding their businesses in Ohio must determine whether they need environmental permits or risk violations or delays that can cost time and money.

ENVi’s deep understanding of and experience with the permit application process means that companies can rely on us to complete all the necessary steps to submit permit applications, ensure compliance with NPDES and air pollution permits.

We have developed close relationships with governmental bodies and regulatory agencies and have a comprehensive understanding of permitting requirements. Our comprehensive and detailed application process addresses all relevant concerns, which has resulted in a high approval rate for projects submitted to regulatory agencies.

Once the permitting review is underway, we maintain communications with the regulatory agency, addressing any additional questions or requests for materials.

After the permits have been granted, we will audit the project to ensure it remains in compliance, maintaining all needed documentation and submitting reports/records as required by the overseeing agency.

Ongoing Monitoring Program

ENVi also offers an Ongoing Monitoring Program to northeast Ohio companies to help them maintain their compliance status.

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