Due Diligence

Companies in northeast Ohio who are acquiring new facilities or acreage for development should undertake due diligence practices to assess past or present liabilities. This not only identifies current or past evidence of contamination issues that could adversely affect the identified property, but also ensures that, following the purchase, those companies are not held liable for conditions caused by previous owners.

Our due diligence suite of services includes a comprehensive assessment of the location, identifying any potential contamination issues, possible sources and responsible parties. This entire process satisfies the legal aspects of “Environmental Due Diligence” and protects the purchasing company from potential lawsuits or fines related to unidentified and/or remediated contamination or other environmental concerns.

The service includes the following:

  • A detailed Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) report
  • Recommendations for resolving any Areas of Concern (AOC) or Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC)
  • Phase II (soil and ground water assessment)
  • Investigation and remediation of any indications of petroleum release, to comply with Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR)

ENVi also offers an Ongoing Monitoring Program to northeast Ohio companies to help them maintain their compliance status. Available on a monthly or quarterly basis, our program can ensure your company maintains the required compliance schedule with air, storm water, solid and hazardous waste permits/approvals.

For further details on our Due Diligence suite of services, click on the following links: Phase 1 and Phase 2 and BUSTR.

Phase 1

Unit used to obtain samples in phase 2 site assessment

Unit used to obtain samples in phase 2 site assessment

Conducting a Phase I ESA in accordance with ASTM 1527-13 satisfies the All Appropriate Inquires (AAI). Known as the “innocent landowner defense”, a property purchaser, or ‘user’, of the Phase I can potentially qualify for certain protections from past contamination. ENVi prepares detailed and comprehensive Phase I ESAs that are compliant with the ASTM 1527-13 standard.

Phase II

Phase II ESAs address those Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC) identified during Phase I, which can include the assessment of subsurface soils and ground water.

  • Soil—subsurface sampling is accomplished using a GeoProbe unit or truck-mounted drill rig. Employing detailed sampling procedures on a project sirte, ENVi personnel ensure that representative sampling of subsurface soils are obtained and prepared for appropriate laboratory analysis.
  • Ground Water—As warranted, ground water monitoring wells will be drilled and constructed on a project site in pre-determined locations enabling ENVi to sample and analyze ground water as well as to assess ground water levels and flow direction.

Measuring recovery received in probe.

A Phase II ESA report will be provided to the Client following on-site project work and will provide the Client a detailed estimation on the environmental condition of the site based on the chemical analysis review and comparison to risk-based standards.

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